Municipal & Government Law

Alliegro Law Office, LLC has provided sound, experienced and practical advice to various government bodies for more than sixty years, including cities, townships, joint power entities and economic development authorities. We have worked with elected and appointed government officials to provide general counsel and legal advice in the areas of zoning, land use, subdivision, contracts, real estate, employment, drafting of ordinances, codes and policies, and general litigation.

We work closely with in-house staff including city administrators, clerks, treasurers, department heads, utility clerks, and maintenance personnel to establish efficient methods of operation and communication through the establishment of fair and effective policies and procedures. We will assist in establishing systems to identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of providing legal advice and counsel to cities, townships, joint powers entities, EDAs and other government agencies is the great sense of accomplishment that comes from working together toward a common goal and in seeing those projects achieved.