Civil Law & Litigation

The attorneys at Alliegro Law Office, LLC have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of general civil law and litigation. Civil litigation arises in a number of areas of law when disputes between two or more private parties are unresolved. Often each party in a civil matter is represented by an attorney. This is not always the case. Unfortunately, we have routinely received telephone calls from parties who wait too long to consult with an attorney and discover that their rights may have been compromised in the absence of sound legal advice. To avoid these situations, we generally recommend that you consult early with an attorney to understand your basic legal rights.

We are available to discuss your general civil law matter and to review issues related to litigation, whether in the areas of land use, landlord tenant law, collection, employment or real estate. In our experience, early advice is almost always less expensive than the legal fees required to remedy a problem that could have been avoided with an early telephone call to a civil attorney. We look forward to working on your behalf.